What is Pura Vida?

“Pura Vida” (literally “Pure Life”) is a costarican catch phrase used pretty much by everyone in here. It is mainly used when saying hello, good bye or thank you although it’s meaning is much bigger.

Pura vida has a whole background philosophy of living that implies satisfying and exceeding our expectations both in our jobs as well as our personal lives.

We guarantee that your project will really be “Pura Vida!” if done by Oktara.

Why Costa Rica? - Oktara Software

Why Costa Rica?

  • Costa Rica’s Location is very convenient for remote teams
  • Communication is easier because of similar timezones
  • Cultural similarities with the U.S.
  • High indexes of education, health, labour law, and others
  • We have the talent
  • Big and enthusiast development community
  • You’re not going to be alone, there are plenty of US companies doing business with Costa Rica
Scholarity Index - Oktara Software

Scholarity Index

  • Public education system regulated by the government, this helps the population achieve a 96.3% of literacy within adults
  • Universidad de Costa Rica is ranked best college in the country and within the top overall options in Latin America
  • Additionally, three of the most important universities in the country are part of the public education program, which helps in giving high scholarity levels to the society

Technology companies contribution to Costa Rica's economy

  • 3.6% of Costa Rica’s GDP is associated with technology
  • 40% of the total of exportations are from technology products and services
  • Additionally, 33% of the GDP is generated from small and medium companies like Oktara
Technology companies contribution to Costa Rica's economy - Oktara Software
Networked Readiness Index - Oktara Software

Networked Readiness Index

The NRI measures the propensity a country has to exploit the opportunities offered by Information and Communications Technologies. Costa Rica was ranked 49 in 2015, with a 4.4 score and having a consistent growth every year for the past few years.

Tourism in Costa Rica

  • It’s only natural that having so many beautiful landscapes and scenarios tourism is one of the most important economic activities in the country. It generates around 4.6% of the total Gross Domestic Product every year.
  • When visiting Costa Rica you can choose from a wide variety of experiences. From the Pacific and Caribbean beaches, to the most extreme of mountains (being our tallest the Cerro Chirripó at 3820 meters), passing through many different kinds of forests, volcanoes, waterfalls, islands and many more.
Tourism in Costa Rica - Oktara Software

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