Visualizing your project portfolio

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Visualizing your project portfolio

One of the most common issues among Project Managers, is how to keep track of multiple projects. Most project managers have a lot of different projects in their hands at the same time, and sometimes it’s very hard to keep track of all of them, and be able to show progress and be aware of changes. So, what do you do when you have a few big projects and/or a ton of small projects?

What needs to be accomplished is to be able to visualize the work, so the work can be ordered and ranked. For this. you can use your own kanban style board (or your preferred tool) to order them, so you can know where in the process is each project, and who is responsible at that time, and to add priorities to upcoming tasks. I like to use the kanban style board, where instead of stories, I add the main tasks of the different projects, this way, I can quickly look at the board and be sure on the progress and status of each project.

Visualizing the work is a necessary first step. With this, you can start making decisions on which projects need more attention, and gather very useful information like which process is starting to be a bottleneck, or the performance of the different teams involved.

It’s very important to have tool in which you can see the status of all your projects, in a way you can have quick important information, to take all the necessary measures to avoid delays. This will also help you to get better and quicker reports to the different stakeholders.

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