Software outsourcing and offshore development

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Software outsourcing and offshore development

There has been a lot of discussion going on in recent years about the huge benefits from outsourcing software development for your company to lower costs and increase productivity and profit.

And it is a fact, outsourcing software is now one of the biggest economic trends in the world. Everyone is looking to either sell their products or where to buy them from. But with so many options at hand, the decision might not be as straightforward as one would like it to be. There are a lot of considerations that need to be made before you even consider implementing an offshore or outsource business model, but it’s definitely something you should be looking into.

Why you should choose Costa Rica as your outsourcing place to go.

Costa Rica has become in the past recent years in one of the most recurring places for foreign companies to outsource services to. According to studies done by international consultant companies, Costa Rica is latin-america’s leader when it comes to outsourcing operations and is ranked 13th worldwide for this activity. Companies like Intel and HP have engineering and design operation centers in Costa Rica, to mention just 2 of the most remarkable offshore and outsourcing businesses in Costa Rica, among many others.

But why are international companies outsourcing so much to Costa Rica? We’ll try to explain this to you in a way that will attract you into having a new part of your team built by costaricans.

High Educations levels and lots of talent

Costa Rica has a very stable political and economic history, specially when compared to most of it’s latin american neighbors, we abolished the army in 1949 and since then have allocated that budget to having a public education system that guarantees a highly competitive society. Primary and secondary education is free and obligatory for every costarican citizen, and the country has 5 public universities for those interested in a professional degree in a career and 1 technical professional school where people can learn specific economic activities (everything from gardening and agriculture to graphic design or business administration).

This make the “Ticos” a very skilled, professional and capable workforce for your team. Specially when considering that the English speaking levels throughout the educated population is acceptable. There is definitely a lot of talent in Costa Rica as proven by recent studies like the 2013 Global Innovation Index where Costa Rica tanked first for innovation in Latin America.

Nearshore Location & Agile Development

Costa Rica’s location makes it perfect for most United States companies to look out to. With a Central Standard Timezone it is at 3 hours distance at most from most cities in the United States and 7-8 hours from most European countries as well.


Because of it’s location, costaricans are a very western culture. Their culture is in constant interaction with a lot of different international cultures because it’s receiving of thousands of tourists from all around the world every year and hundreds of different business franchises and brands trying to make their way into the costarican market.


This nearshore location makes Costa Rica a very attractive place to have your software outsourcing team at, considering it provides the necessary time ranges for having an agile development workflow. No need to have your team or yourself awake at late hours of the night anymore for important meetings, project repository merges or catch up calls.

The flying distance from most states in the US is also pretty decent. Making it very possible to take a one-night flight and meet up in the morning with the team. If you do decide to come and meet your team personally, which you definitely should, you should also make sure to grab at least a couple extra days to visit our forests, mountains, volcanoes or beaches that will surely get your mood and thus productivity up once your back to work. We guarantee you will not regret doing this.


People’s Skills

Costaricans tend to be very educated and polite people. We know how to be professional but also when the time is right can be a lot of fun to hang out with. We’re driven by the “Pura vida” slang here, which we take very personal to live up to. Pura Vida literally means “pure life”, but it means a complete lifestyle under which we like things to work out smoothly as expected and thus being able to take it easy during our free time and relax with the natural wonders of our country. We strive every day to deliver “pura vida” products to our clients so they too can feel this philosophy when using them.

People in Costa Rica are not afraid of proposing and questioning the given project guidelines and technologies being used in order to guarantee the success of the project itself. We like to make sure the project is being built with the best options available but will also commit to the guidelines once they’ve been discussed and decided by the project manager or client. These kind of insights will ensure you have a team of people trying to make sure your project works out the best possible way, and when it comes to software and web designing and developing, this is a must have quality in any organization that is in it for success, considering the constant changing or evolution set of technologies and environments in the software market.

Here at Oktara we take this approach very seriously. We work hard from the very beginning of your project to guarantee you get a “Pura Vida” product. Customer satisfaction is essential at Oktara and nothing is more important than that when working with us. We will make sure to take your project’s requirements and deliver a rock solid product with a clear and engaging user interface and experience.

Costa Rica’s Developers Community

There is a really strong developer’s community in Costa Rica, with dozens of meet ups and conferences organized on a weekly basis. There has been an official Drupal Camp in Costa Rica for the past few years now, and we are hosting an official WordCamp for the first time this year.

Some of the public universities offer careers in programming and computer science, and a lot of different private schools and institutions as well which makes this a highly competitive and skilled workforce area. There are websites and social networking groups where the local community share their thoughts, doubts, problems and solutions with a very active daily input from all kinds of different programmers and developers. There even was a recent initiative by some local programmer to make a Facebook group where people would share their skills with others, so that everyone could learn from different technologies and programming languages while sharing their own. One of our employees gave several conferences there teaching other developers a bit of the Drupal world.

You are not alone, other companies outsourcing to Costa Rica

There are many companies that already are outsourcing some of their work to Costa Rica. Like we mentioned before, HP and Intel have their design and engineering centers here in Costa Rica, but there are also other companies and types of activities. Akamai, IBM, Amazon, Emerson, Trane, National Instruments, Bosch are just a few other examples of companies with operations in Costa Rica.

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